How to Use a Garbage Disposal Properly

garbageA garbage disposal is used to get rid of food wastes, leftovers, and peels. Sometimes we forget the vast importance of these units until it develops a malfunction or drain pipes get clogged. Without a garbage disposal, probably you will use trash bags to throw wastes. Those food materials start to decompose, thus attracting bacteria and other nasty insects.

In addition to many problems trash bags bring to your home, the smell left in the bag is awful. You also have the task of transporting the waste to the bins or nearest collection point. Now you understand how necessary it is to have a garbage disposal. To prevent it from breaking down, always check what goes down the disposal. Read garbage disposal reviews on

How to Increase Lifespan of Your Garbage Disposal

  1. Run it regularly

It doesn’t matter if you food waste to grind, but run the disposal after every few days. Pour some water and run the unit to ensure the parts are kept functional. During cold seasons the parts may freeze or corrode, causing the moving parts to jam. Also, food materials left inside can harden and clog the system, which in turn can lead to bad smell.

  1. Don’t use hot water

When grinding food waste, always use cold water. Hot water may make the materials being soft for the blades to grind well. Also, the food waste can stick on the sides, and cause clogging. Cold water is the best because it hardens the materials, allowing the blades to grind them easily. In addition, the waste cannot stick to the sides when cold water is used.

  1. Run cold water after grinding

When you have finished grinding the waste, pour some water to flush down the materials. This ensures those fine materials are driven down, leaving nothing behind that can harden and clog the system. It will be an added advantage if you pour lemon water or soap because it cleans the system, as well as getting rid of any possible bad odor.

  1. Chop the pieces

Even though a garbage disposal has somehow powerful blades, the size of materials it can grind is limited. For instance, putting large pieces of fruit peels or meat can cause jam in the grinding system. So, it is advisable to first chop them into smaller pieces before putting into the disposal.

  1. Use citrus or lemon water

This is vital after every a few days, especially when cleaning the disposal. Cold water is recommended, though it may not eliminate the bad smell. Therefore, lemon or citrus water can do the trick. You can as well grind small peels of citrus fruits if you don’t have excess lemon water for that purpose.

What to Put Down a Garbage Disposal

Citrus fruit peels

As mentioned above, citrus peels will leave the disposal smelling fresh. Lemon or orange peels are ideal for that.

Small chunks of coffee ground

Even though coffee grounds are not recommended, you can put just small chunks that will not clog in the system.

Few egg shells

A few egg shells cannot damage your disposal, as they also help in sharpening the blades. However, avoid putting too much because the white layer can entangle on the blades, causing them to jam.

Small cooked meat pieces

These are the few pieces when washing the dishes. They cannot harm the disposal, though don’t put chunks of meat uncooked meat. They can stick on the sides, causing serious problems.

Small pieces of fruits

If you have peels of fruits, you can put into the disposal. However, chop large pieces into smaller ones, which cannot clog the system.

Small pieces of vegetables

Small pieces of vegetables can go down the disposal, but don’t put too much of them. They can clog the system.

What Not to Put in the Garbage Disposal

Grease, fat, oil

These ones may solidify in the system, and may clog the system. But all other liquids are alright when put in the disposal.

Potato peels

These are fibrous materials, and can entangle on the blades. Also, they can clog the drain pipe.

Hard materials

These include plastics, glass, or polythene papers. They can cause a serious jam in the system.

Large bones

Even though many use garbage disposal to grind bones, large bones can damage the blades. Also, a big bone can lodge in the system, and clog the drain pipe.

Rice and pasta

These food materials tend to expand when exposed to water. They can stick on the sides, and clog the system.

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