Types of Different Faucets

faucet 1There is a wide variety of kitchen faucets in the market today, and choosing the perfect model can be overwhelming. The difference in these fixtures is based on various aspects such as finish, style, and size. These remain the basic factors to consider when buying a new kitchen faucet, but of course, the price is also an essential element. Since your kitchen’s interior décor matters, it is vital to buy a faucet that blends with the entire kitchen theme. In addition, you also need to purchase a sturdy faucet to last longer no matter the frequent use.

faucet repairSometimes the faucet may need a repair work. The newly designed models are easy to install, but the plumbing tasks may require a professional. In most cases, people replace their old faucets when they start leaking regularly. Even though you may want to save several bucks on the installation process, it is advisable to hire a person with adequate experience in doing similar jobs. However, you can just handle the installation if you are fully confident about it.

Now you are planning to replace the faucets in your kitchen. Which type of faucets best suits your needs? Here are the categories of faucets that we compared and highlighted their features. This information can help you find an ideal faucet for your renovated kitchen.

  1. Pull Down v/s Pull Out Faucets

pull down faucetPull-down faucets have a spray wand that is pulled down directly into the sink. It is ideal for washing utensils inside the sink or cleaning vegetables because you can pull down and get water sprayed anywhere within the sink. The pull out faucets, on the other hand, have the wand pulled out straight to the user and can be perfect for filling larger pots and containers outside the sink. They consist of a hose and spread head whereby the sprout can be directed from one corner of the sink area to another. They consist of a control button to switch from steam to spray or vice versa. The newest models have magnetic spray dock, and can swivel about 360 degrees for a perfect access.

  1. Single Handle v/s Dual Handle Faucets

single handle faucetSingle handle faucets are most common and basic models that are found in many homes. They have a single lever that controls water flow and water temperature. Most of them come with a low spout, but there are also longneck or gooseneck spout. On the other hand, the dual handle faucets are also referred to as two handle faucets.  The handle controls are connected to the spout, and therefore allowing the user to have a separate water flow and temperature control.

  1. Single-Hole v/s Two Hole Faucets

single hole faucetsSingle-hole faucets require one hole in the countertop, but it is a two-handle kitchen faucet. They are commonly referred to as Single Handle Kitchen Faucet with a Single Hole, whereby the handle controls are connected to its spout. Many people that want a separate control of water temperature prefer this type of faucet. The two-hole faucet is also a double handle model with separate handle controls for hot and cold water. The difference from the latter is that the handles are not connected to its spout. Most of them require two holes on the countertop, while some require even more than two holes. You can read more about the best kitchen faucets on faucet mag.

  1. Kitchen Faucets with Cold Water Dispenser v/s Hot Water Dispenser Faucets

hot cold water dispenserThe cold water kitchen faucets are placed near food preparation sinks. In most designer kitchens, these sinks are situated on the kitchen island where veggies are chopped. The in-counter steamer is also an ideal place to put the faucets because food preparation takes place there. They require a single hole in the countertop. On the other hand, the hot water dispenser kitchen faucets are used for quick hot water whenever you want to prepare a cup of tea. They require a single hole in the countertop, and some are used for filtering drinking water.

  1. Countertop Mount v/s Wall Mount Faucets

wall mount faucetThe countertop mounted faucets may be single or two handle faucets with water controls for both water flow and temperature. Some require one hole in the countertop while others require more than two holes in the countertop. On the other hand, the wall mount faucets are mounted on the wall. The countertop is easier to clean with wall mounted faucets.

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