Trendy Hair Styling for Men With Undercut

undercutIt can’t be denied that the undercut hairstyle for men has been a staple trend, especially amongst famous celebrities and movie stars. Not only limiting to significant personalities, the undercut hairstyling has also long been a popular street hair trend embraced mostly by the younger generations who are very enthusiastic about going with the flow of the fashion scene.


There could be many reasons for this. Firstly, it can suit very well among different hair types, both for straight, wavy or curly hair and tot mentioning that it can really make anyone look youthful and trendy. However, because there are lots of styling that can be done with undercuts, it can be a bit confusing when deciding on how to enhance this hair trend.


Should you decide for a more classic look to a more modern version of this haircut or anything in between? This is your ultimate guide for the trendy undercut hairstyles that you must try now.


The Classic


For something that’s clean and a little conservative, the classic undercut can be your best choice. It keeps the sides well-trimmed and neat while the top is kept at an average length, not too long. This suits best for those who are a little conscious or apprehensive about this cut since this is significantly simple and not too intense. This classic undercut can also be simply styled and just needs quite a bit of hair products to keep everything polished and clean. A mousse or gel can be used to perfectly achieve the 50s touch of that classic look.

The Slicked Back Undercut


The slicked-back undercut is among one of the most popular undercut hairstyles. It involves maintaining the back and sides of your head neat and well shaved while keeping the top long enough for it to be slicked back. This type of undercut hairstyle keeps the hair polished, as the hair on top is kept flat to blend with the undercut of the sides and back of the head. This is particularly said to be popular among politicians and businessmen since this slick back hairstyle minimizes any visual distractions during meetings or a talk. Additionally, if you want a more modern touch to this hairstyle, a matte mousse will do the trick for taming the longer proportions up on top.


The Layered Undercut


The undercut hairstyles seem to be like new, but it really has been around for quite a while now. And if you want to embrace this cut yet you want to be different from the usual, then the layered undercut is what you will like. Fortunately, this trendy hairstyle can be done easily whether you’ve got a wavy, straight, curly, short or long hairstyle. This also makes a perfect choice for those who want to add a little volume for their hair on a visual perspective. By adding some layers on top, this works to making your hair get some depth and fullness.


The Side Swept Undercut


Much like the Slicked-back Undercut, the Side-swept undercut works perfectly when you have longer proportions of hair up top. The major thing to consider being able to pull up a nice side-swept undercut hairstyle is to ensure that you are parting your hair the right way. The best thing to ensure this is to know where your hair falls naturally and to know which side of your face is best.


The Disconnected Undercut


One of the most popular undercut is the disconnected undercut hairstyle. The reason for this is that it creates a stark contrast between the shaven sides of your head and the proportions up on top, determined with a line thus, creates a more retro look and feel.


Before you achieve the disconnected undercut that you want, it is always recommended that you have a picture to show the barber and have a good length of hair on the top .


Nevertheless, whatever undercut hairstyle it is that you’ll choose, the most important thing to consider is to use a good hair clipper with the right length and size. Usually, the undercut hairstyle relies on one hair clipper length, either #1, #2 or #3. And when it comes to choosing the proper hair clipper, always choose durability and quality over the price. Cheaper hair clippers usually tend to break and overheat quickly and it will be the worst thing to happen especially when you’re in the middle of getting an undercut done.

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