How Smart Thermostats Can Change Our Daily Lives

thermostatMaking life easier is what most of us always wanted, and actually, technology has been responding to our needs positively. Heating and cooling is essential in every home, and it takes almost half of energy costs. An ordinary thermostat allows homeowners to regulate temperature using the control or dial panel, while a smart thermostat offers a more efficient control of a home heating. It provides greater control and automation of home’s temperature, which in turn saves more on energy bills.

A smart thermostat can be controlled remotely using an app (connected to internet) on your smartphone, thus enabling heating adjustment no matter your location. They come in different versions, and some have features that can learn homeowner’s schedules by detecting when your mobile device is within the house. Others can detect your location, especially when within a certain range, and then start regulating the climate even before entering the house.

There are also those Wi-Fi connection smart thermostats that offer lots of advantages including temperature control. The following a few of the things that a smart thermostat can offer to users.

Save energy bills

As much as you want to live in a climate controlled house, you also need to save energy bills. A smart thermostat is ideal for that, as well as ensuring your living room is environmentally conducive. Based on information from Nest, a smart thermostat company, their learning thermostat can save up to $145 annually. Nest Learning thermostat provides energy reports to users, hence enabling homeowners to control energy usage.

The device can learn the times you usually lower or raise the home temperature within the house, and regulate the heating based on that information. This is efficient way to save monthly energy bills while maintaining the suitable condition in your home.

Hassle-free heating control

We live in a busy society where routine jobs and regular travelling is very common. Due to tight schedules, we need to have better ways of operating things without coming into contact with them. Smart thermostats are already with us and home heating can be controlled while away from the house, thanks to the new technology.

Unlike the traditional thermostats, smart versions are quite versatile because you can operate it remotely and non-remotely. This means that you don’t have to be within the house to monitor heating since you can switch on/off while you are away. The Wi-Fi thermostats are best on this because you just need to connect your smartphone to internet. They have sensors that regulate heating and cooling in your home via the HVAC system. No matter your location, you can log in and adjust the thermostat in case you left it switched on before leaving the house. If you are consindering to buy one, here are the top WI-FI thermostats.

Information at hand

Many people don’t check energy consumption rates until the end of the month when you get shocked by the hefty energy bills. Our daily activities are so demanding such that we have no time to request energy consumption reports, and this may lead to over consumption. Smart thermostats have been designed to address these problems. They make lives to be easier by giving the right-hand information about energy usage even without requesting for it.

Some come with a variety of features like reminders and energy monitors, where they calculate the amount of energy being used per specified time. This feature helps a homeowner to know the anticipated energy bill, hence easy to control utilization. Other thermostats can monitor the level of dirt by use of dirty filter sensors. So, it will notify the user whenever the air filter needs to be replaced. Above all, the energy monitoring feature is quite useful because you can know how much energy you have used that month. Therefore, you can adjust your thermostat accordingly.

Bottom line Fact

The advantage of controlling your heating and cooling systems remotely is more beneficial to those with perplexing time schedules. For instance, corporate people have regular meetings. It becomes difficult for that person to keep in mind turning off a thermostat before leaving the house, especially if he or she is running late. Of course, you don’t wish to leave the heating system on!

Another good example is when you have travelled for a holiday vacation, and unfortunately, you forgot to switch off the heat. Fixing that problem can be very easy, if only you have a smart thermostat. A few taps on your smartphone gets everything done. Basically, smart thermostats enable you to heat your home more efficiently. The issue of saving energy depends on your daily use.

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