What to Look for Before Buying a Massage Chair

massage 1The interesting part of this technology is the introduction of zero gravity massage chairs. They are designed to offer a more relaxing massage to the entire body while the greatly reclined position alleviates spinal stress very effectively. It is a way of bringing an ‘artificial masseuse’ at home so that people can get the massage therapy at their own comfort. More and more folks are buying massage chairs, but still, there is a challenge when it comes to making a better buying decision.

A massage chair is actually a huge investment, and therefore some bit of examination is required before making a final choice. Every person has his or her own requirements, as well as different budget. This implies that what suits one person may not be a preference to someone else. In addition, these chairs come at different prices. They range from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on model or brand. Interestingly, new models are also emerging in the market. Whether you want a massage chair by Fujita or Shiatsu, there is a lot to consider before buying one.

Here are a few things to consider before buying a massage chair;

Space to put it

massage 2The space to place your massage chair is essential because some models are bulky, and they may take away a huge space in a room. Maybe you want to have it in the living room so that every family member can use it, or you just want to place it in the home office. Many people will probably prefer the living room because it will look great, but you should also ask other people if they feel comfortable having it there. If you want a model that reclines, consider placing it far from a wall. You can measure the space so that you can have a picture of the room when buying.


massage 3This is the ability of the chair to offer the best massage therapy you want. Massage chairs are different and they are typically designed for people with approximately 5 inches in height. If you are either taller or shorter than that, it is advisable to test it before purchasing. It can be inconvenient to adjust the position of the back rollers manually every time you want to use the massage chair. Therefore, you can look for those models that can automatically adjust the rollers to your height by sensing the height of the shoulders. Also, the seat should have a comfortable height for the user. People with greater than 6 inches height or those with low back pain may not get the comfort they want if the chair seat is too low.


massage 5Even though a massage chair may have many features, you are likely to use just a few of them. If you have been experiencing muscle tension on hip and buttock areas, the best massage chair should offer a good job in that area. The ideal model should have airbags along the leg and foot areas, as well as at the hip and buttock parts. Depending on the intensity of massage you want, it is good to test it for about 20 minutes and feel if the pressure and fit are right for you. There are models for strong massage and others for lighter massage, but still, you can find those with adjustable massage intensity. If the massage chair is for the entire family, it is advisable to go for a model that allows you to save massage sequences. This will prevent regular reprogramming whenever somebody else uses the chair. You can ask the salesperson to describe the details well so that you can buy a unit that will offer the best of what you want. Here are the two websites reviewing the top massage chairs on the market.




The best top massage chairs range from $800 to $4300. Even though you may find other cheaper ones, always be careful not to buy from small time vendors. You want a long-term investment, and therefore don’t purchase a massage chair from those short term sellers. However, don’t over rely on price. The quality of a massage may not be reflected by an exaggerated price. Just check the essential features, and then compare prices of different brands.


massage 4This is very important. Check what is included in the warranty and when it lasts. It is recommended to get at least 3 years labor, 3 years parts, plus an in-home technician. For convenience purposes, buy a massage chair from a dealer that can offer repair and maintenance services from several locations.

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