How to Learn to Play Guitar like a Rock Star

guitarNobody hates music, even though we have different preferences when it comes to music genres. We attend a live performance to enjoy and see professional guitarists play the
instruments. Rock musicians are the real indicators of guitar enthusiasts, and everyone loves how music drives the crowd. Anyone can become a guitar pro, but there are the basic principles every leaner should observe in order to achieve that dream.

Learning a guitar from zero to hero is not an easy thing, but anyone can reach there. Many rock stars featuring in many concerts have just been like you one day, and today they are some of the top guitarists. Therefore, read the following 5 tips;

  1. Listen to other pros

Many rock stars have been one time guitar learners before they became who they are today. One of the key things that have helped them is taking time to listen. Spare your time to listen how they play, whether you are listening from a clip or live performance. In addition to listening, examine what type of guitar he or she is using. There are many types of guitars, but they have different features. Try to understand how they are getting on with the tone, whether they are plucking, playing single notes, or strumming. Apart from listening to experts, you also need to listen to yourself while practicing. Can you identify mistakes or not? Check if you are playing notes and chords in the right way.

  1. Combine basics well

No one is born a guitarist. We all learn things, as long as we have interests. Since you cannot start climbing a tree from its top, similarly, we cannot learn to play guitar without considering the basics. Basic skills are inevitable, and therefore you need to take the time to understand and master them correctly. If you find it hard learning the basic skills, there are various learning books online. Tutorials are also of great importance, and many rock stars have used tutorials when practicing. The most important parts of guitar learning are notes and chords. If you master these first, probably you are growing to be another star. Also, consider the rhythm and ensure you master the strumming and picking appropriately.

  1. Feel motivated

A fresh learn of a guitar may be discouraged by the fact that he or she doesn’t have any coordination. The first attempt will be terrible and very discouraging, and you may think that it is too hard to learn. You should feel motivated no matter how bad your first try seems. Playing the guitar is somehow a challenge because your fingers will hurt. Definitely, you cannot be a pro just by practicing for a few hours. Depending on the level of abilities, you are likely to spend days before you can play a solid song. You will be discouraged, but feel motivated and set some goals that will not take too long to realize. Try to figure out you are on stage performing like that favorite rock star!

  1. Practice regularly

If you want to be a rock star, regular practicing is more important than anything else. Through frequent practice, you will learn a bit faster. If you opt to attend guitar lessons, your teacher will always emphasize on frequent practicing. This is to train your fingers and give them enough memory to remember fretting skills. Learners will try to coordinate both fingers and brain, and that is why you will play slowly and gently. When you practice almost every day, your fingers will be freely playing without waiting for the brain to give playing hints. Good practicing can be done for a 30-minute session, and then take a break of 5 to 10 minutes. Long sessions are ideal, as they give you enough time to explore a challenging technique.

  1. Take your time

As a guitar learner, obviously, you need time to learn chords and combine them appropriately. Most of the time is spent while learning chords, and whenever the chords are changed, you will pause unaware and probably the rhythm will be affected. You need to first learn to finger well, but do not rush when in this stage. Initially, stick to playing the same chords to avoid breaking the rhythm. Take your time to gauge your level, and avoid playing too fast beyond your ability. Don’t forget to check guitar reviews. Here is a cool site to find the “one” for you.

If you want to be like one of your favorite rock stars, the above tips can help you achieve the dream. Always re-read them as you continue practicing, and eventually you will make it.

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