What to Look for Before Buying a Massage Chair

massage 1The interesting part of this technology is the introduction of zero gravity massage chairs. They are designed to offer a more relaxing massage to the entire body while the greatly reclined position alleviates spinal stress very effectively. It is a way of bringing an ‘artificial masseuse’ at home so that people can get the massage therapy at their own comfort. More and more folks are buying massage chairs, but still, there is a challenge when it comes to making a better buying decision.

A massage chair is actually a huge investment, and therefore some bit of examination is required before making a final choice. Every person has his or her own requirements, as well as different budget. This implies that what suits one person may not be a preference to someone else. In addition, these chairs come at different prices. They range from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on model or brand. Interestingly, new models are also emerging in the market. Whether you want a massage chair by Fujita or Shiatsu, there is a lot to consider before buying one.

Here are a few things to consider before buying a massage chair;

Space to put it

massage 2The space to place your massage chair is essential because some models are bulky, and they may take away a huge space in a room. Maybe you want to have it in the living room so that every family member can use it, or you just want to place it in the home office. Many people will probably prefer the living room because it will look great, but you should also ask other people if they feel comfortable having it there. If you want a model that reclines, consider placing it far from a wall. You can measure the space so that you can have a picture of the room when buying.


massage 3This is the ability of the chair to offer the best massage therapy you want. Massage chairs are different and they are typically designed for people with approximately 5 inches in height. If you are either taller or shorter than that, it is advisable to test it before purchasing. It can be inconvenient to adjust the position of the back rollers manually every time you want to use the massage chair. Therefore, you can look for those models that can automatically adjust the rollers to your height by sensing the height of the shoulders. Also, the seat should have a comfortable height for the user. People with greater than 6 inches height or those with low back pain may not get the comfort they want if the chair seat is too low.


massage 5Even though a massage chair may have many features, you are likely to use just a few of them. If you have been experiencing muscle tension on hip and buttock areas, the best massage chair should offer a good job in that area. The ideal model should have airbags along the leg and foot areas, as well as at the hip and buttock parts. Depending on the intensity of massage you want, it is good to test it for about 20 minutes and feel if the pressure and fit are right for you. There are models for strong massage and others for lighter massage, but still, you can find those with adjustable massage intensity. If the massage chair is for the entire family, it is advisable to go for a model that allows you to save massage sequences. This will prevent regular reprogramming whenever somebody else uses the chair. You can ask the salesperson to describe the details well so that you can buy a unit that will offer the best of what you want. Here are the two websites reviewing the top massage chairs on the market.




The best top massage chairs range from $800 to $4300. Even though you may find other cheaper ones, always be careful not to buy from small time vendors. You want a long-term investment, and therefore don’t purchase a massage chair from those short term sellers. However, don’t over rely on price. The quality of a massage may not be reflected by an exaggerated price. Just check the essential features, and then compare prices of different brands.


massage 4This is very important. Check what is included in the warranty and when it lasts. It is recommended to get at least 3 years labor, 3 years parts, plus an in-home technician. For convenience purposes, buy a massage chair from a dealer that can offer repair and maintenance services from several locations.

10 Important Tips for Buying an Ergonomic Office Chair

sit 4Picking the right office chair is absolutely important, and that is why you should never take this decision lightly. It is very crucial for any office professional that spends many hours daily sitting on the chair. There are those fundamental things to consider when buying, though the budget may differ from one person to another. It is worth noting that the cost is not the core aspect of determining the effectiveness of a chair. No matter your budget, ensure that you don’t overlook the essential elements of a good office chair.

The enormous number of brands is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to selecting the office chair. Perhaps, there are thousands of chairs in the market. People have different needs, hence no perfect chair for a specific person. However, you can pair down the available options and eventually spot a chair with the features that suit your individual needs. The task of finding an ideal chair for your office may be perplexing since there is some research required. However, I have simplified the entire task for you. The following are 10 key tips to apply whenever buying an office chair.

Ergonomic design

Ergonomic office chairs are designed to fit the human skeletal system, hence more comfortable to use in the office. An actual ergonomic chair offers correct sitting posture and comfort because its base is designed to allow several postures without limiting body movement. However, it is not ideal for people with body deformities since they will lack seating comfort. It is designed for “normal” people.

Ability to recline or decline

This allows the body shape and size to fit well by fully supporting the lower back by the backrest. A chair that only allows your back to rest in the forward position is not right because you will often lean towards one direction. This kind of crouching may cause spinal aches over time.

Adjustable chair height

sit 3A good office chair must have an adjustable height. This allows you to adjust the height such that the back is resting parallel to the calf, while the feet rest flat on the floor without straining your thighs. Also, the office chair height should be adjusted based on the height of your office desk.

Depth of the seat

An adjustable seat is perfect because you can control the depth according to what you want. Those that have no adjustable seats, they are designed to allow the user to sit at the back of the seat’s base without experiencing any pressure at the back of the knees.

Armrests end Ergonomy

sitThe office chair with adjustable armrests can be the best because it will suit every task you are doing. If you want to get near the desk as possible, you just get off the armrests. When you are not very busy on the desk, the armrests offer ideal comfort because you can just let your arms relax.

Lumber support feature

This is a movable backrest with a proportional shape and size to that of a body frame. It carries the weight exerted at backward leaning, hence preventing the bottom from experiencing too much strain. Never lean forward on an office chair.

Pure leather

These are for the best comfort as well as prolonged lifespan as leather office chairs can last for more than 15 years. However, they may not be perfect for a long hour sitting at the office. They are expensive than the rest.

Leather faced

sit 2The outer layer of the chair is made of leather, and they are less expensive compared to pure leather. However, they are comfortable and last longer. They are not as comfortable as the leather office chairs.

Fabric office chairs

These are made of other materials but not leather. They are most popular, but they offer comfort almost similar to leather chairs. However, they cost less and do not last for many years. Before buying, choose the best quality fabric.

Fixed chairs

These are best suitable for offices where visitors sit at the sides of your desk. Also, they are perfect for meeting rooms, training rooms, or writing desks because support is not actually required.

Castor based office chairs

These are ideal for sliding around the office room, especially if the floor is hard and flat For instance, wooden floors and tiles are the best. If the floor is carpeted, the chair will not slide as required due to high friction.

Trendy Hair Styling for Men With Undercut

undercutIt can’t be denied that the undercut hairstyle for men has been a staple trend, especially amongst famous celebrities and movie stars. Not only limiting to significant personalities, the undercut hairstyling has also long been a popular street hair trend embraced mostly by the younger generations who are very enthusiastic about going with the flow of the fashion scene.


There could be many reasons for this. Firstly, it can suit very well among different hair types, both for straight, wavy or curly hair and tot mentioning that it can really make anyone look youthful and trendy. However, because there are lots of styling that can be done with undercuts, it can be a bit confusing when deciding on how to enhance this hair trend.


Should you decide for a more classic look to a more modern version of this haircut or anything in between? This is your ultimate guide for the trendy undercut hairstyles that you must try now.


The Classic


For something that’s clean and a little conservative, the classic undercut can be your best choice. It keeps the sides well-trimmed and neat while the top is kept at an average length, not too long. This suits best for those who are a little conscious or apprehensive about this cut since this is significantly simple and not too intense. This classic undercut can also be simply styled and just needs quite a bit of hair products to keep everything polished and clean. A mousse or gel can be used to perfectly achieve the 50s touch of that classic look.

The Slicked Back Undercut


The slicked-back undercut is among one of the most popular undercut hairstyles. It involves maintaining the back and sides of your head neat and well shaved while keeping the top long enough for it to be slicked back. This type of undercut hairstyle keeps the hair polished, as the hair on top is kept flat to blend with the undercut of the sides and back of the head. This is particularly said to be popular among politicians and businessmen since this slick back hairstyle minimizes any visual distractions during meetings or a talk. Additionally, if you want a more modern touch to this hairstyle, a matte mousse will do the trick for taming the longer proportions up on top.


The Layered Undercut


The undercut hairstyles seem to be like new, but it really has been around for quite a while now. And if you want to embrace this cut yet you want to be different from the usual, then the layered undercut is what you will like. Fortunately, this trendy hairstyle can be done easily whether you’ve got a wavy, straight, curly, short or long hairstyle. This also makes a perfect choice for those who want to add a little volume for their hair on a visual perspective. By adding some layers on top, this works to making your hair get some depth and fullness.


The Side Swept Undercut


Much like the Slicked-back Undercut, the Side-swept undercut works perfectly when you have longer proportions of hair up top. The major thing to consider being able to pull up a nice side-swept undercut hairstyle is to ensure that you are parting your hair the right way. The best thing to ensure this is to know where your hair falls naturally and to know which side of your face is best.


The Disconnected Undercut


One of the most popular undercut is the disconnected undercut hairstyle. The reason for this is that it creates a stark contrast between the shaven sides of your head and the proportions up on top, determined with a line thus, creates a more retro look and feel.


Before you achieve the disconnected undercut that you want, it is always recommended that you have a picture to show the barber and have a good length of hair on the top .


Nevertheless, whatever undercut hairstyle it is that you’ll choose, the most important thing to consider is to use a good hair clipper with the right length and size. Usually, the undercut hairstyle relies on one hair clipper length, either #1, #2 or #3. And when it comes to choosing the proper hair clipper, always choose durability and quality over the price. Cheaper hair clippers usually tend to break and overheat quickly and it will be the worst thing to happen especially when you’re in the middle of getting an undercut done.

Learn How to Perfectly Epilate Your Body

epilationFor women, having sexier legs and arms is like a must nowadays. It does not matter whether or not you are a celebrity because everyone deserves looking elegant. Have you ever come across the concept of epilation? Young ladies may not be familiar with this, but waxing has been there for quite some time. However, epilation is more than shaving because it removes hair right down the roots by use of an epilator. Just like waxing, epilation is mildly painful, especially for new users.

The core thing about epilation is simply getting rid of hair on the body to make it sexier, but the process involves several steps which you must follow. It sounds harsh. Yes, but the procedure is simple. I will highlight the tips on how to epilate your body, and achieve that smooth skin you wish to have. Despite the many epilators we have in the market today, my easy-to-understand guide takes care of all. Therefore, grab a cup of coffee and continue reading…

Preparation Phase before Epilation

  1. Choose an ideal epilator

As said earlier, epilators are of different kinds. They can be used in various areas such as arms, legs, bikini area, and even face. Your choice depends on where you want to epilate, and this is achieved by checking distinct features of every epilator.

  1. Exfoliation

This is a very crucial phase before starting epilation as it prevents ingrown hair. There are several exfoliating accessories including scrubs, creams, and gloves. The choice may be determined by your budget and preference, though you can check epilation guide to see which suits you best. So, ensure you have the product right with you.

  1. Trim the hair about 2 days before epilating

Perfect and comfortable epilation can be achieved when hair is short. You can trim the hair up to a millimeter, or just shave completely and then allow it to grow to about one millimeter. Sometimes it may not be easy to trim the hair to exactly one millimeter size, so it is advisable to shave and then wait for about two days.

  1. A day before epilating

This is when you should exfoliate your skin using the product you choose such as scrub, exfoliation gloves, or loofah. As we just highlighted above, exfoliation should be done correctly to prevent unwanted ingrown hairs.

  1. Wet or dry epilation?

People have different levels of pain tolerance. The choice between wet and dry epilation will depend on individual’s choice. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Wet epilation (epilating in the shower) is less painful, while dry epilation is fast since hair is less sticky.

Epilation Phase

Those that epilate regularly understand how often they do it, and how to achieve the best out of it. For beginners, ideal results can be attained if done twice every two weeks. However, it is advisable to read and understand the procedure before attempting. Our procedure guide caters for every epilation you will do in the next two weeks.

Step 1: Charge the epilator

This depends on what kind of epilator you have. Don’t forget to charge cordless epilator before starting the process.

Step 2: Don’t rush

If you are doing for the first time, you must not hurry to do other things. Actually, it may take you even an hour before completing both legs.

Step 3: Epilate at night

Since there will be red bumps left on the skin, it is advisable to do it at night when you are relaxed at home. The red bumps will have faded away before morning.

Step 4: Adjust your mind

Epilation is painful during the first time until you get used. So, adjust your mind to face the pain. If you think the pain might disappoint you, take a painkiller 20 minutes prior to epilation.

Step 5: Take a warm shower

Water is important for weakening the hair follicles. Also, taking a shower removes dirt and oils from the skin. Ensure no moisturizer on the skin.

Step 6: Prepare your skin

For wet epilating, soak yourself for about 10 minutes, and then pour some bathing gel on the epilator’s head once you have exfoliated your skin. For dry epilating, ensure the skin is completely dry.

Step 7: Sit and select a hairy area

Relax and choose the area to begin. Select a lower area of the legs just above the ankle, so that the body can adapt plucking effect as you approach other sensitive areas.

Step 8: Turn on the epilator and start epilating

It will produce a scary sound, but turn on a lower setting. On areas where the skin is folding, use the other hand to stretch it.

Step9: Hold the epilator at 90 degrees to the skin.

Do epilate in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

Step 10: Epilate gently and slowly

Use circular moves while epilating, and avoid pressing the epilator on the skin as it can pinch your skin.

How to Use a Hot Air Brush?

Hair styling at your home has become very important to all of us, especially for us woman. As a woman, it is very important that we should always take good care of our hair since our hair is our crowning glory. Even though you are always struggling with your career, being a good mother to your children and preparing dishes for your family it is always important that you should also take good care of yourself and especially your hair. Whether you want to wear your hair straight for your office or business look or you want

how to use hot air brushto have a curly for a very relaxed evening with your friends and family. You can always choose whatever style of your hair you want. By having a device that will allow you to style your hair for whatever you desire. Just make sure that whenever you decide to buy for a hot air brush make sure that you choose a high-quality brush.

Hot Air Brushes and Curling Wands

Rotating hot air brush – this type of hot air brush style is usually has a multi-directional spinning rotation to have a more volume and the shape of your hair. This type of hot air brush makes you styling a lot easier and faster. This device has a large two-inch rotating barrel that causes its bristles to penetrate through your hair and making it smoother and shinier.

  • Hot iron air brushes – this type of brush gives an instant heat and it is very effective in giving the most professional looking curls. It has a 1 1/4 inch hot brush and has 25different heat settings for you any hair style and it also has an automatic turn off a feature that will turn off automatically when not in use for so long or when it gets too hot.
  • Curling wands – this type of wand will allow you to curl and dry your hair at the same time. This hot air brush has a very natural nylon and boar bristles and an aluminum barrel for a superior heat that provides a longer lasting effect. But this kind of hot air brush is not very effective if you have a thick, long and curly hair. You can check top curling wands here.
  • Heat straightening air brush – this type of device has a double barrel to help straighten while blowing your hair at the same time. Most of the product that under in this type of hot air brush is used tourmaline ceramic that uses negative ion to make your hair look healthier. It also has infrared heat that will reduce hair static.

It is very important to take any consideration about your hair length and type before deciding to buy a hot air brush. Always remember that damage hair is much harder to be replaced compare to having a rowdy hair styled. Always make sure that you buy a high-quality brush that would best fit your hair type. It is really hard to choose the right device for your hair, but always remember that in choosing you should always ask yourself first. In buying a product or device that you will use on yourself, make sure that you should not buy a cheap or low-quality device that will endanger your hair. Make sure that you will buy the best quality that was offered in the market. You can also ask some of your friends for a suggestion for what would really best fit for your hair type, or you can also ask a professional help in deciding what would be the best hot air brush that will fit you. Always remember, do not exchange your money for a low quality that will only give you also a very low quality of service, do not try to save on those cheap hot air brushes.