10 Important Tips for Buying an Ergonomic Office Chair

sit 4Picking the right office chair is absolutely important, and that is why you should never take this decision lightly. It is very crucial for any office professional that spends many hours daily sitting on the chair. There are those fundamental things to consider when buying, though the budget may differ from one person to another. It is worth noting that the cost is not the core aspect of determining the effectiveness of a chair. No matter your budget, ensure that you don’t overlook the essential elements of a good office chair.

The enormous number of brands is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to selecting the office chair. Perhaps, there are thousands of chairs in the market. People have different needs, hence no perfect chair for a specific person. However, you can pair down the available options and eventually spot a chair with the features that suit your individual needs. The task of finding an ideal chair for your office may be perplexing since there is some research required. However, I have simplified the entire task for you. The following are 10 key tips to apply whenever buying an office chair.

Ergonomic design

Ergonomic office chairs are designed to fit the human skeletal system, hence more comfortable to use in the office. An actual ergonomic chair offers correct sitting posture and comfort because its base is designed to allow several postures without limiting body movement. However, it is not ideal for people with body deformities since they will lack seating comfort. It is designed for “normal” people.

Ability to recline or decline

This allows the body shape and size to fit well by fully supporting the lower back by the backrest. A chair that only allows your back to rest in the forward position is not right because you will often lean towards one direction. This kind of crouching may cause spinal aches over time.

Adjustable chair height

sit 3A good office chair must have an adjustable height. This allows you to adjust the height such that the back is resting parallel to the calf, while the feet rest flat on the floor without straining your thighs. Also, the office chair height should be adjusted based on the height of your office desk.

Depth of the seat

An adjustable seat is perfect because you can control the depth according to what you want. Those that have no adjustable seats, they are designed to allow the user to sit at the back of the seat’s base without experiencing any pressure at the back of the knees.

Armrests end Ergonomy

sitThe office chair with adjustable armrests can be the best because it will suit every task you are doing. If you want to get near the desk as possible, you just get off the armrests. When you are not very busy on the desk, the armrests offer ideal comfort because you can just let your arms relax.

Lumber support feature

This is a movable backrest with a proportional shape and size to that of a body frame. It carries the weight exerted at backward leaning, hence preventing the bottom from experiencing too much strain. Never lean forward on an office chair.

Pure leather

These are for the best comfort as well as prolonged lifespan as leather office chairs can last for more than 15 years. However, they may not be perfect for a long hour sitting at the office. They are expensive than the rest.

Leather faced

sit 2The outer layer of the chair is made of leather, and they are less expensive compared to pure leather. However, they are comfortable and last longer. They are not as comfortable as the leather office chairs.

Fabric office chairs

These are made of other materials but not leather. They are most popular, but they offer comfort almost similar to leather chairs. However, they cost less and do not last for many years. Before buying, choose the best quality fabric.

Fixed chairs

These are best suitable for offices where visitors sit at the sides of your desk. Also, they are perfect for meeting rooms, training rooms, or writing desks because support is not actually required.

Castor based office chairs

These are ideal for sliding around the office room, especially if the floor is hard and flat For instance, wooden floors and tiles are the best. If the floor is carpeted, the chair will not slide as required due to high friction.

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